Science Perspectives: Big scientific questions


Robots, Quantum Physics, Genetic Engineering… Scientific knowledge is making constant progress but there are still many unanswered questions, which will be discussed in the Libraries of Barcelona.

On November mondays, Barcelona Libraries propose us to explore some of the biggest questions that science has raised, with the Visions of Science series of lectures.


Monday 3 November, 7.30 pm
Quantum physics: fact and fiction
Sonia Fernández Vidal, PhD in Quantum Physics and writer
Les Corts-Miquel Llongueras Library

Monday 10 November, 7 pm
Will we find extraterrestrial life in the solar system?
Jordi Llorca, chemist, Institute of Energy Technologies (UPC)
Camp de l’Arpa-Caterina Albert Library

Monday 17 November, 7 pm
What do we know about the origin of the universe?
Jordi Isern, physicist and director of the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia
Vila de Gràcia Library

Monday 24 November, 7 pm
Should there be limits to genetic engineering?
Núria Terribas, lawyer and expert on bioethics
Sagrada Família-Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte Library

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