BLE currently gathers two research projects aimed at the study of learning activities and experiences of people in different contexts and situations, as well as their relationships and interconnections. Both projects share the idea that in the information society the study of learning processes, and how competent learners develop, must include the variety of contexts in which individuals take part.

The project BLE-STEM (Out-of-school young people experiences related to science and technology and their impact on attitudes towards science) is supported by the Fundación La Caixa (research grant RecerCaixa 2013). It focuses on the activities and experiences related to science and technology.

The project BLE-LI (Learning experiences and Learner Identity in the digital era: Learning itineraries in formal and non-formal educational contexts) is supported by the Spanish Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (research grant I+D+I 2013). It focuses on the construction of Learners Identity in the context of the information society.


BLE_STEM Project

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BLE_LI Project

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