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Awesome Oceans


Awesome Oceans is a video made by Edeos, an agency that specializes in the design and production of audiovisual educational materials. This illustrated explainer video shows the fascination of the ocean, but also it biggest threats. More information about Edeos

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How a single-celled organism almost wiped out life on Earth – Anusuya Willis


There’s an organism that changed the world. It caused the first mass extinction in Earth’s history … and also paved the way for complex life. How? Anusuya Willis explains how cyanobacteria, simple organisms that don’t even have nuclei or any other organelles, wrote a pivotal chapter in the story of...

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How do we know what color dinosaurs were?


The microraptor was a four-winged carnivorous dinosaur with iridescent black feathers. But if our information about this dinosaur comes from fossils, how can we be certain about its color? Len Bloch shows how making sense of the evidence requires careful examination of the fossil and a good understanding of the...

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The Tapir: a living fossil threatened with extinction


Although the Tapir is one of the world’s largest land mammals, the lives of these solitary, nocturnal creatures have remained a mystery. Known as “the living fossil,” the very same Tapir that roams the forests and grasslands of South America today arrived on the evolutionary scene more than 5 million...

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Microbial Mats


Rubén Duro Pérez is a graduate in biology from the University of Barcelona, Member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology and is devoted to scientific photography. Ricardo Guerrero is professor emeritus of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Barcelona, associate professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA and...

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Love between dogs and their owners


The veterinarian Takefumi Kikusui with a research team from three Japanese universities (Azabu University, Jichi Medical University and University of Tokyo Health Sciences) recently published an article in Science about hormonal changes that dogs and their owners produce to each other. Researchers put 30 dogs to interact with their owners...

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La Dinosfera de Coll de Nargó


El Ayuntamiento de Coll de Nargó y el Instituto Catalán de Paleontología Miquel Crusafont son los organizadores del nuevo espacio expositivo que se centra en la reproducción de los dinosaurios. La Dinosfera quiere contribuir a dar a conocer el espectacular registro fósil de los yacimientos de dinosaurios de la zona...

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Exposición de dibujos de Luis Feo

El Museu Blau inaugura la exposición temporal Dibujos de Luis Feo, unas sesenta obras que proponen una mirada insólita al mundo animal. El autor propone una mirada inspirada en la ilustración científica y también en los grandes maestros del dibujo, el grabado y la fotografía como Durero, José Hernández, Piranesi, Escher o...

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BioBlitzBcn 2015


BioBlitz es un evento dirigido a toda la ciudadanía interesada en observar y descubrir la naturaleza urbana con el acompañamiento de naturalistas expertos. En un periodo de 24 horas, científicos que estudian grupos específicos de flora y fauna, ayudados por voluntarios, buscarán identificar todos los organismos que se encuentran en un...

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Not only do Chameleons change color to camouflage itself, but also to flirt and fight


The research team of Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution, University of Geneva, led by Michel Milinkovitch, published this year in the Nature Communications Journal their latest findings on the dynamic color change of chameleons. The results of the research, based on the study of Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), indicate...

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