Team meeting at Girona


In the team meeting on June 29th, 2015 we had an interesting and very intense agenda. We started discussing the focus of the papers that we will write to present the results of the first phase. The results are grounded in the information provided by the students, their families and teachers about the students participation in different types of learning activities, as well as the use of information and communication technology -ICT.

Afterwards we value the process of collecting data from the second phase, namely, the application of the questionnaires on learning activities and attitudes towards science and technology. Also, we review the process of data analysis in that second phase. Then we take the first agreements about the start of the third phase of projects: conducting interviews with some of the students, their families and teachers.

Another topic on the agenda was the planning of the conference that we will organize next year in Barcelona, in which we expect to have national and international guests.

Finally, we agree to make during the next year the presentation of the progress of projects to the  institutions that work with us and give us their support.

Girona, June 29th 2015

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