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IV Jornadas Valores en una Sociedad Cambiante – Lleida


La sección de sociología y educación del Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs, Fundación pública de la Diputació de Lleida, invita a las IV Jornadas Valores en una Sociedad Cambiante. En esta edición, las jornadas enfatizarán en las “Prácticas de trabajo en red para una educación personalizada“, con el objetivo de que los...

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Kano, a computer designed and constructed by children


Alex Klein is the developer of KANO minicomputer. This computer can be constructed and programmed by seven years old children. As a game of Lego, children can learn to design their own games, watch high-resolution videos, connect to the Internet, fly a drone… As the designer explains, the children will...

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Levadura. Residence program for artist-educators


  Levadura is an educational program of residencies for artists-educators was aimed to promote understanding of contemporary art by elementary students. The program focused on introducing creative projects in the elementary classroom where children were the protagonists. The program involved four artists-educators from four countries (Phase A: Chile and Poland, and...

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Citizen science project to fight Asian tiger mosquitoes AtrapaelTigre.com


Tiger mosquitoes pose a problem that affects many people. The project takes a task traditionally delegated to technical services and professional scientists and it passes on to the public. Citizen science is based on the idea that common knowledge and participation by a large group can help to solve scientific...

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Audiovisual Project “Animated Science” by University of Barcelona


The UB divulga releases the project Animated Science which aims at creating a collection of audiovisual resources to bring children closer to scientific concepts in an amusing way. The site Animated Science will collect the episodes, as well as related clips and teaching materials. The project has been developed by the Scientific Culture...

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