UNESCO Institut for Lifelong Learning


The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is a non-profit, policy-driven, international research, training, information center of UNESCO. Its main objective is to promote lifelong learning policy and practice, recognizing  education and learning in formal, non-formal or informal settings. In this regard, the work of the Institute focuses on learning...

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LIFE CENTER: Learning in Informal and Formal Environments


LIFE Center –Learning in Informal and Formal Environments– represents a collaboration between the University of Washington in Seattle (lead institution), Stanford University, and SRI International, Inc., in the San Francisco area. The LIFE Center is a multi-institution group of scientists whose purpose is to develop and test principles regarding the social foundations of...

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Citilab – Center for social and digital innovation


Citilab is an experimental centre for the active dissemination of technological culture and also is a citizens’ laboratory in which researchers, entrepreneurs, students and companies interact, experiment and collaborate on common projects. In other words, Citilab is a mix between a training center, a research center and an incubator for business and...

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