Mediterranean Virtual Herbarium


The western Mediterranean Virtual Herbarium is a wide gallery of images of the plants in the western Mediterranean basin. The Virtual Herbarium has been structured in index entries or individual web pages for each vegetable species considered. The most important aim of each entry are the images of the plants; however, a brief information in the form of a text is also included together with the scientific names of the plants both in Catalan and Spanish. The main image has been obtained by scanning a fresh specimen.

Most of the represented species correspond to autochthonous plants, although several cultivated and garden plants have been incorporated, thus, being a useful tool for studious of botany as well as garden and horticulture lovers.

This project is led by the Botanical Area of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). At present the Universities of Barcelona and Valencia are also participating.

The western Mediterranean Virtual Herbarium is a lively project, and like any data bank its value is found in the constant incorporation of new images and information.
Classification: educators students and families all levels biology

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