MEDCLIC: The Mediterranean in one Click



“la Caixa” Foundation, and the ICTS SOCIB set up the program MEDCLIC which has the dual objectives of promoting research and bringing the benefits of the new marine and coastal observation technologies to society.

One of the objectives of the “Medclic: the Mediterranean in one click” project is to investigate the variability of the mesoscale in the Mediterranean. In others words, the physical processes that take place in the global ocean also take place in the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it a small scale ocean laboratory: it is an ideal system for studying the formation processes of eddies and the dynamics of currents.

The information of the sea is available thanks to the multiple operating systems which are currently monitoring the Western Mediterranean, collecting real-time data which is accessible to all of society. On the website is possible explore the different observation systems, learn about temperature and wave forecasting and discover the importance of oceanographic research.

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