KnowledgeWorks is an Ohio-based non-profit social enterprise that works to foster meaningful personalized learning that enables every student to thrive in college, career and civic life. KnowledgeWorks works on the ground with schools and communities through a portfolio of innovative education approaches, helps state and federal leaders establish policy conditions necessary to prepare all students for success, and provides national thought leadership around the future of learning. The KnowledgeWorks portfolio includes two subsidiary organizations: EDWorks and StriveTogether.  

The work of KnowledgeWorks happens in three lines:

    1. They change the way teaching and learning happens in the schools through EDWorks. This organization develops and helps administrators and teachers implement innovative and more effective learning environments.
    2. They help community leaders build civic infrastructure to develop accountability, deliver resources, and sustain reform within a community through StriveTogether. StriveTogether assists in the creation of a shared community vision and empowers stakeholders to organize action and investment around data and evidence.
    3. They educate legislators, policy makers, educators, business leaders and the community at large on future trends in teaching and learning, on the need for change, on potential policies to adopt, and on the mechanisms needed to implement these ideas.

On the website the information is organized into four sections:

    • About presents detailed information about the objectives, the history of the social enterprise, the team and the management team.
    • Impacting Schools & Communities contains information about the impact of the work done in schools and communities through the two subsidiary organizations: EDWorks and StriveTogether.
    • Impacting the System offers a wide range of information about education policies and resources for training and educational assistance to agents such as articles, lectures, videos, etc.
    • News Room presents three types of information. World of Learning is a blog that contains videos and reflections on education. Press Releases contains news about the work of KnowledgeWorks. Resource Room is a repository that can be searched by content type, by category or by year (since 2005).

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