Journal of Learning analytics


Journal of Learning Analytics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, disseminating the highest quality research in the field. The journal is the official publication of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and it has periodical publications since 2014. Journal of Learning Analytics includes original and in-progress research reports, reviews of the state of the subject and practice-focused on innovative applications of Learning Analytics in real-world settings.

With an international Editorial Board comprising leading scholar, it is the first journal dedicated to research into the challenges of collecting, analyzing and reporting data with the specific intent to improve learning. “Learning” is broadly defined across a range of contexts, including informal learning on the internet, formal academic study in institutions (primary/secondary/tertiary) and workplace learning.

The journal seeks to connect researchers and developers with practitioners, creating and disseminating new tools and techniques, studying transformations, and providing ongoing evaluation and critique of the conceptual, technical, and practice outcomes. The interdisciplinary focus of the journal recognizes that computational, pedagogical, institutional, policy and social domains must be brought into dialogue with each other to ensure that interventions and organizational systems serve the needs of all stakeholders. The journal seeks to bring into dialogue the intersection of the fields of Education, Computation and Sensemaking.

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