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Recognizing that we are in the midst of huge, rapid changes in the worlds of learning, education and schooling, in Educating Modern Learners -EML believe that these changes are not yet well understood by school leaders, education decision and policy makers. Therefore,  EML seeks to contribute to this understanding by pointing out that  “…this is about fundamentally rethinking the roles of schools, teachers, and classrooms in light of the growing ubiquity of knowledge, information, people, and tools we carry in our pockets and backpacks”.

EML offer in its website articles, ebooks, white papers, webinars and other resources designed to discuss, deepen and reflect on the current role of schools, teachers and classrooms. The contents are directed especially to school heads, principals, superintendents, ministers of education, and local, state, and national policy makers from around the world.

To access the contents is required a paid subscription, however, the newsletter published twice a week is for free. This newsletter contains summaries of the newest items. Each issue also includes articles that have been selected by EML as well as links to resources that may be of interest.

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