Ambientech: science, technology and environment


Ambientech is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to develop and expand training in science and technology with a focus on environmental protection, an understanding that environmental education is a cross field which should be included in all curricula intended for students of all ages.

The Ambientech program is an educational portal that aims to disseminate and facilitate the learning of science, technology and the environment for secondary school, high school and vocational training students. This site is a support tool for teachers and students that proposes working the different sciences in the classroom through ICT and with the help of multimedia activities that include attractive animations and exercises with a high level of interactivity. The program is intends, firstly, to provide basic knowledge of science and technology and, secondly, to use this knowledge to create conscious in youth so that they can assume responsibility attitudes towards the environment. The educational program resources are structured in different subject areas-Earth, Water, Energy, Living Beings, Materials, Health and Society– designed to work with the computer individually or in groups of two or three students. Each subject area has an index where you can see the entire lesson plans, contents and their curricular correspondence.

To access all the Ambientech activities it is necessary to be a member or associate member of a partner school; however, inside the portal there are various activities available free for charge.
Classification: educators secondary education tertiary education vocational training chemistry natural sciences physics technology

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