Meeting of the research team

Among the topics discussed at the meeting were the data already collected and the analysis of the interviews conducted during the first phase. We also presented a summary of the schools that were collaborating in the project and of the groups which had been interviewed (children / adolescents and families). The analysis of the interviews will be carried out through the subjective learning experiences the learners had when doing the activities and through the different contexts in which they were carried out.

We also discussed about how to proceed in the second phase of the project: how to use the protocol and the questionnaires.  We exchanged ideas about the protocol created to contact schools and to give instructions on how to apply the questionnaire.

Other issues also discussed were: the expansion of the web BLE (modification and incorporation of some areas), proposals for the Congress to be held in 2016, and do some Investiga amb Recercaixa (activities carried out by the students).

Barcelona, March 27th 2015

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