Why do we make irrational decisions?


Often people make decisions that are not “rational” from a purely economical point of view — meaning that they don’t necessarily lead to the best result. Why is that? Are we just bad at dealing with numbers and odds? Or is there a psychological mechanism behind it? Sara Garofalo explains...

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New journal “Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education”


This journal chronicles research on mathematics learning, the way it is assessed and interactive settings, using digital technology, in which it can be embedded. It also offers a forum for discussing mathematical thought, and issues of equity, cultural diversity and professional development in the field of teaching and learning mathematics. More information

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Cycle science workshops for families. CaixaForum – Girona


  Activity 1: Workshop Planets and Stars (age +4)   This activity aims to introduce little ones into the world of astronomy and foster an interest for observing the sky (the Earth, the Moon and the planets of the Solar System).     Date: Saturday, March 7th 2015 at 18.00 h. Sunday,...

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Aprèn matemàtiques amb Modulmax. Museu del Joguet -Figueres


Xerrada i taller dirigit a professors (amb alumnes de 4 a 12 anys) i a famílies interessades en el tema. Després d’una breu presentació del joc, s’impartirà el taller on grans i petits podran experimentar amb modulmax : representar els nombres enters; aprendre a sumar, restar, multiplicar i dividir; resoldre arrels quadrades; els...

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Club GeoGebra Iberoamericano – Nueva convocatoria 2014- 2015


La Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (OEI) invita a los profesores y estudiantes iberoamericanos a incorporarse al Club GeoGebra Iberoamericano. Esta iniciativa cuenta con el apoyo e impulso de la Consejería de Economía, Innovación, Ciencia y Empleo de la Junta de Andalucía (España)....

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2015 Mathematics Education Conference (MEC2015)


2015 Mathematics Education Conference (MEC2015) will be held from January 31 to February 2, 2015 in Shanghai, China. This Conference will cover issues on Mathematics Education. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. Related Topics (not limited to) •...

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GeoGebra: curso de verano


Del 10 al 12 de septiembre la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) ofrece un curso de verano sobre el software GeoGebra en el Campus Antonio Machado en Baeza (Jaén). El curso contará con la participación del profesor Markus Hohenwarter de la Universidad de Linz (Austria) que forma parte del grupo...

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