Prepara tu Escuela para la Sociedad Digital: Claves para sumarse al cambio


Prepara tu Escuela para la Sociedad Digital: Claves para sumarse al cambio es un informe elaborado por la Fundación Telefónica en 2016 en el que se presenta el trabajo de investigación realizado con diversos centros educativos de España en torno al tema de innovación educativa en la Sociedad Digital. Fundamentalmente,...

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“The Class” Project


The Class: Social networking and the changing practices of learning among youth is a project part of the Connected Learning Research Network. The project is directed by researcher Sonia Livingstone in collaboration with researcher Julian Sefton-Green from The London School of Economics and Political Science. The project focuses on the social relations of...

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MIRACLE: Mixed Reality Interactions across Contexts of Learning is a project linked to the Faculty of Educational Sciences and maintained by the University of Oslo and Research Council of Norway as part of the InterMedia project. The study is directed by Dra. Ingeborg Krange and a transdisciplinary team of researchers. The purpose of MIRACLE...

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Knowledge in motion across contexts of learning -KnowMo Project


KnowMo is a project developed by TransAction research group and directed by Dr. Ola Erstad -University of Oslo. The aim of KnowMo is to study the conditions under which learning experiences out-of-school settings can be made relevant for young people learning into the school. The study is based on the recognition that currently many students experience schooling...

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SciStarter. Science we can do together


SciStarter is a place to find, join, and contribute to science through recreational activities and citizen science research projects.  Citizen science is the public involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge. The SciStarter database of citizen science projects enable discovery, organization, and greater participation in citizen science. SciStarter...

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