Citilab – Center for social and digital innovation


Citilab is an experimental centre for the active dissemination of technological culture and also is a citizens’ laboratory in which researchers, entrepreneurs, students and companies interact, experiment and collaborate on common projects. In other words, Citilab is a mix between a training center, a research center and an incubator for business and...

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Ocells dels jardins


Ocells dels jardins is a project promoted by the Catalan Institute of Ornithology where you can learn to recognize and count the birds in your garden, in a public park or even on the balcony of your home. We encourage you to collaborate!

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SciStarter. Science we can do together


SciStarter is a place to find, join, and contribute to science through recreational activities and citizen science research projects.  Citizen science is the public involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge. The SciStarter database of citizen science projects enable discovery, organization, and greater participation in citizen science. SciStarter...

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