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04/04/2016 is a platform for watching, sharing, discussing and translating TED Talks — as well as learning more about TED’s many projects and initiatives. In addition, in TED you can find a set of playlists to let you watch curated collections of TED Talks, offering two uninterrupted hours of exploration on a single compelling topic.

To make the talks accessible beyond our English-speaking audience, TED’s Open Translation Project coordinates a network of over 16,000 volunteer translators. Thanks to OTP, subtitles and interactive transcripts are available for almost every talk, with many in over 100 languages.

You can also find great written content on the TED Blog and the TED Ideas Blog. The TED Blog follows the goings-on of the people who make TED what it is — from speakers to translators to TEDx organizers — and Ideas digs deeper into the subjects TED is passionate about, some of the biggest questions of our time.

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